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Overactive Bladder Treatment

overactive bladder treatment

Finding An Effective Overactive Bladder Treatment Before you try to decide on an effective overactive bladder treatment you need to understand this important and vital organ and what is causing its condition. Overactive bladder is a condition which is recognized by unintentional and uncontrolled contractions of the bladder. This is a condition wherein, the bladder …

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Stress Incontinence Treatment

Stress incontinence treatment

How to approach stress incontinence treatment For individuals who have stress incontinence (which is due to any type of stress that is placed on the body like laughing too hard, surgery, or even childbirth), there are different stress incontinence treatment options your doctor might try as a solution. Depending on what caused the incontinence, how …

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Bladder Sling

bladder sling

A surgical procedure called a bladder sling may be the answer For those who have incontinence, one of the surgical solutions that you can opt for is having the bladder sling procedure performed. The procedure involves placing a sling around the urethral wall, so that it can be lifted back to its normal position, and …

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Urinary Incontinence Treatment

Urinary incontinence treatment

Available Options Of Urinary Incontinence Treatment The type of urinary incontinence treatment you choose depends on the type of incontinence, the severity, and the underlying causes. So, although there are several treatment options, certain patients are going to have only a couple of choices depending on what their doctor might suggest. Considering these treatment options, …

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Incontinence Treatment

Incontinence treatment

Different urinary incontinence treatment options The inability to control your urine is called urinary incontinence. This is a common problem that occurs especially in older adults. Incontinence generally affects women more than men. While many people think this is a normal aging process, it isn’t. Moreover, many people feel embarrassed to get medical help to …

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Weak Bladder In Women

Weak bladder in women

A Variety Of Solutions For A Weak Bladder In Women Until one experiences it themselves, it’s impossible to understand the anguish a weak bladder in women can cause. If you have not been there you cannot begin to imagine what weak bladder women go through. It affects virtually every aspect of a woman’s life and …

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