Treating Your Bladder At Home

Natural Remedies For Bladder Problems And What Can Help

natural remedy herbsBladder infection also referred to as cystitis or urinary tract infection is a common illness which tends to affect ladies more than men.

Actually over eight million ladies visit their doctors annually because of this infection and without the natural remedies for bladder illnesses this disease can continue to recur.


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Bladder infection arises when a bacterium from the rectum enters your urethra because of improper cleaning. A kidney infection can also cause bladder infection.

Without the natural remedies for bladder and antibiotics to control the spread of infection, this painful condition can spread to the prostrate and kidney. So if you have a bladder infection and are looking for some natural remedies for bladder illness, please read on.

Examples of natural remedies for bladder issues


This is one-of-the-most common natural remedies for bladder illness. It is actually normal to take more than enough water daily, especially if you have a bladder infection. This is because the more water you consume the more you will need to urinate and the faster your body will flush the bacteria causing the infection from your system.

Baking soda

Baking soda is one of the natural remedies for bladder infection which can help prevent this condition while curing it at the same time. Simply add a teaspoon of baking soda into a glass-of-water and drink it. As one of the natural remedies for bladder infection, baking soda helps neutralize the acidity of your urine thus accelerating your recovery process.

Blueberries and cranberries

Blueberries & cranberries belong to the same family thus they have similar bacteria inhibiting properties. As a result they are two of the best natural remedies for bladder illnesses. Studies done suggest that cranberry juice can prevent a bacterium from latching onto your bladders walls and blueberry can prevent urinary tract infections. To enjoy the full benefits of these natural remedies for bladder infections, make sure you add a hand full of these blueberries to your morning cereal or drink some cranberry juice daily.

A recent study done shows that approximately 36mg of PAC (proanthocyanidins) present in these natural remedies for bladder are required to help decrease the linkage of E-coli bacteria to your urinary tract walls thus preventing bladder infections.

Vitamin C

This natural remedy works just like cranberry juice. It acidifies urine and then inhibits the growth of the bacteria causing the infection. As one of the natural remedies for bladder infection, vitamin C also helps by increasing your immunity thus helping to fight off all the existing infections, including cystitis. So make sure you take about 1000mg of vitamin C four times a day.


Pineapple is known to contain a certain enzyme referred to as Bromelain. A certain study done on patients with urinary tract infections contained two groups of people. The first half was given bromelain plus the normal rounds of antibiotics and the other a placebo and the normal rounds of antibiotic. The results showed that the group which was given bromelain and antibiotics had no sign of any lingering infection. So eating abut a cup of pineapple juice (which is one of the sweetest natural remedies for bladder) a day can help protect you against bladder infections.

Oregano oil and Garlic

These natural remedies for bladder infections have strong antiviral & antibacterial properties which make them quite beneficial when dealing with bladder infections. To keep these infections away, take about 500mg of oregano oil about 4 times a day. To enjoy the medicinal benefits of garlic, try to eat it raw.

Lemon juice

Lemon juice is one of the natural remedies for bladder that is known to help clear any bladder infection. So to be safe make sure you consume about a half a glass of juice daily for about two weeks.

You can also mix various natural products to create a very powerful remedy for bladder infections. Try mixing corn silk, yarrow, juniper berries, Echinea root and Uva ursi in about three cups of water and boil for about twenty minutes. Once it has cooled, you can then drink this concoction. To help get rid of bladder infection make sure you drink a mixture of these natural remedies for bladder for about a week or more.

For painful urination and bladder pain you can try applying a comfrey leaf poultice over your bladder. Other natural remedies for bladder that deal with painful urination include corn silk tea or buchu leaf tea. Remember, as much as these natural remedies for bladder can be quite beneficial to you, do not mistake them as replacements for your medicine. Take these natural remedies for bladder together with your antibiotics.

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