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Stress Incontinence Treatment

Stress incontinence treatment

How to approach stress incontinence treatment For individuals who have stress incontinence (which is due to any type of stress that is placed on the body like laughing too hard, surgery, or even childbirth), there are different stress incontinence treatment options your doctor might try as a solution. Depending on what caused the incontinence, how …

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Stress Incontinence Surgery

stress incontinence surgery

When the only option is stress incontinence surgery In the event other solutions are not enough, some individuals who experience incontinence are required to have one of the different stress incontinence surgery options. Depending on the severity of the incontinence, different surgeons will choose different options. Either way, prior to having any surgical procedure performed, …

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Stress Incontinence In Women

stress incontinence in women

Knowing More About Stress Incontinence in Women Women go through many changes in life, and even in young adulthood, they may experience stress incontinence (which is common in young women). Stress incontinence in women is the loss of urine during physical activity without intention. It is an embarrassing moment for the woman, but, one, that …

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What Is Stress Incontinence

what is stress incontinence

Stress Incontinence – Definition, Causes, Symptoms And Risk Factors What is stress Incontinence? Stress urinary incontinence (SUI), also referred to as effort incontinence, is the unintended loss of urine. It occurs when there is inadequate muscle strength of the pelvic floor and is often triggered by actual physical movements or actions (such as sneezing, coughing, …

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