Incontinence Aids

Incontinence Aids: What You Should Know

Incontinence aids and productsIncontinence is suffered by both men and women for different reasons, and without incontinence aids, it can cause a terrible embarrassment. With incontinence urine leaks when an individual does something as small as cough.

There are different reasons for incontinence which include:

* Childbirth
* Surgery in the pelvic or prostate area
* Injury to the urethra area
* Some medication

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The first thought of incontinence aids is typically the adult bulky diaper. While the protective underwear is an incontinence aid, they have developed into an undetected garment that offers a great deal of protection. There are a wide range of products for individuals that suffer from incontinence have to choose from which include the following.

Incontinence Aids

The first thing is to know the market so you know your options. Patients can suffer from incontinence for years or this may be their first experience with incontinence and it is important that you know what is available and how it can help you.

The first place to begin your research is at your physician’s office. Discuss your condition with your physician and ask the doctor what he recommends. Remember that this is the first step in the process and that there will likely be the need to perform additional research.

Next, find the right incontinence aids for you. You will have a variety of adult nappies to choose from and you will want to try the different ones on the market so that you select the one that is best for you. Nappies are one of the biggest decisions and will help to improve how well you deal with your situation.

Nappies should be comfortable, protective and undetected. Once you have found nappies that give you the confidence you need, you’ll find that your self-esteem increases and you are then ready to move onto other incontinence aids that will help further improve your situation.

Other incontinence aids are available to help make your life more comfortable. These products include:

* Incontinence bed pads: the bed pads are designed so that if you suffer from incontinence during the night, without wearing a nappy, the bed is protected.

* Wheelchair pads: wheelchair pads are to help keep the wheelchair clean.

* Penile clamps: penile clamps are for men who experience occasional urine leaks due to incontinence. The clamps are wrapped in foam and clamp on to the appendage, temporarily closing the urethra.

* Toilet substitutes: For men that suffer from making it to the restroom in time, toilet substitutes can be a useful help. They are plastic urinals and other portable products that are used when the male cannot make it to the restroom in time.

* Guards: guards are also incontinence aids and are used to protect adults that suffer with incontinence protection in case of a urine leak. The guards help keep the person and their garments dry and clean.

* Guards –guards are a pad that guards adults from accidental urine leaks keeping the individual protected, dry and clean.

* Drip collectors: drip collectors are designed for men and are a padded sheath that is absorbent and fits snugly around their genitals. The collectors help to keep leaks from getting onto the underwear and other clothing.

With the many incontinence aids on the market adults no longer have to suffer the embarrassment when incontinence strikes. Nor do they have to feel as though they are in unsanitary conditions.

Incontinence aids are high quality and protective, and focus on hygiene and are discreet. With the high quality incontinence aids it is possible for adults to continue their day to day lifestyle and live the quality of life they desire. The key is to be receptive of the many products, knowing that they are a solution to help with your incontinence.

There are no two individuals the same, nor do individuals suffer from incontinence the same. Some adults will find the most benefit in the adult nappies, while others will find the most advantageous incontinence aids penile clamps.

The main thing is to try some of the products, so that you can get back to the life you love. With a little research performed on your part, and trying the various products that are available on the market, you will find the best incontinence aids to help you with your situation.

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