Incontinence Pads

Types And Uses Of Incontinence Pads

For those who have incontinence issues (an overactive bladder), you will find that there are many manufacturers which make several types of incontinence pads. These pads can be used in several settings, and there are pads which are designed specifically for men or women, and for different occasions.

So, when choosing the incontinence pads, there might be one you choose to wear at home or to sleep, and others that can be worn when going out for a night on the town, when you do not want the pad to be too noticeable with the outfit that you are wearing.

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incontinence pads

Types of pads
There are both disposable pads, as well as washable pads which can be purchased by consumers who have issues with incontinence. Depending on how bad it is, how often you change the pad, and how often you find you are wetting yourself, the type of pad you should purchase will vary.

For those who want a cheaper alternative (especially if you are constantly wetting yourself), the better option to go with is a washable pad. They last far longer, and you can reuse them a few times prior to disposing of them.

For individuals who only have a minor problem, you may want to consider a disposable pad, especially if you only have problems during a certain time of the day, or only once or twice during the day.

Chair pads
For those who work a 9 to 5 job, and sit at a desk all day long, you will find that there are chair incontinence pads which can be purchased. They can be placed directly under you while you are seated during the day, in order to ensure you do not wet the chair if you have an accident during work. Or, if you are in a wheelchair, they can also be placed in your seat to ensure maximum comfort in the event you do have an accident while seated.

Briefs or pads
When considering which incontinence pads to buy, there are single pads, or you can buy those which are in the form of a brief, “adult diapers.” Depending on the severity of the issue, the briefs may be a better solution than incontinence pads, and might make for a more comfortable use.

On the other hand, the briefs might seem a bit bulky for certain individuals, who will in turn choose to use the pads for the minor leaks they might experience during the course of a day.

Light, medium, or heavy
When purchasing your incontinence pads, there are also different options, based on how heavy the problem is, how often you have issues with wetting yourself, and how strong you are looking for the pads to be.

So, comparing a few different levels of thickness, and finding the one that will offer the best solution for your problem personally, while still being comfortable enough, and thick enough to ensure the leaks do not get on to your clothing, are some factors to keep in mind when buying incontinence pads for all day use.

Brand names
There are dozens of commercials on TV which showcase some of the top incontinence pads brands that are available. So, although they are a bit pricier, for those who want the best, some of the most well known brands include: depends, attends, or poise pads.

If you have a severe case of incontinence, it is wise to buy these well known brand name incontinence pads, as they are likely to be the toughest pads, and can handle even the most severe cases of incontinence, while providing extended support when you are not able to change your pad often.

Regardless of how bad the problem is, there are several different brands, thicknesses, and styles of incontinence pads to choose from. Whether you choose a boxer style, briefs, seat pads, or the traditional flat pads, there are many to consider.

So, finding something that is strong enough to handle your incontinence episodes, and finding the incontinence pads which are most comfortable to wear for extended periods of time (especially when you are out at work and cannot change the pads very often), are some things to consider prior to making the purchase decision for your new pads.

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