Bladder Disorders

Useful information regarding the causes of bladder disorders and available solutions

Bladder is a round shaped organ present in the human body and its main purpose is to store the human liquid waste and excrete it in the form of Urine. The bladder gets emptied on a regular cycle as soon as the bladder gets full.

This cycle gets repeated more than once during a day. Any problem associated with the bladder might severely affect the functioning of the other parts of the body. Bladder disorders has to be given utmost importance and person having symptoms of the bladder problem need to immediately consult their physician.

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Different types of bladder disorders

Bladder disorders

Diagram of bladder disorder

The common bladder disorders could be categorized under the following types.

1. Dysuria
2. Polyuria
3. Nocturia
4. Hematuria
5. Frequent Urination
6. Incontinence
7. Urine color change


This is nothing but the pain that accompanies person while the person is urinating. If you feel a burning sensation at the time of urination, then you might be having this type of disorder. Some of the potential causes for this disorder include

1. Urinary tract infection in both men and women
2. Vaginitis in women
3. Presence of an Ovary cyst in women
4. Inflammation of the prostate resulting in prostatis
5. Presence of Kidney stones
6. Accumulation of bladder stones
7. Bladder wall tissue inflammation resulting in a condition called intestinal cystitis
8. Prostate cancer in older men

These are the common reasons for the occurrence of the Dysuria abnormality. Some of the common symptoms for this type of bladder abnormality include

1. Painful and burning sensation during urination,

2. Blood stains in the urine,

3. Presence of vaginal discharge in women.

When you find any of the symptoms that are applicable in your case, you should immediately get in touch with your family physician.


In this bladder malfunction, you would have a tendency to urinate more on a given day than the normal levels. The factors that result in higher amounts of urine discharge are different from the factors that cause frequent urination. A large quantity of urine discharge is usually caused by one of the following factors.

1. Liver malfunctioning
2. Kidney failure
3. Excess levels of calcium in the human body
4. Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes conditions in the form of Juvenile Diabetes
5. Endocrine related disorders
6. Chronic kidney diseases
7. Drinking large amounts of caffeine and Alcohol


This is one of the bladder disorders that are associated with frequent urination during night time. Usually during night times, a person would have fewer tendencies to urinate as the Urine gets concentrated due to lack of fluid intake during the night time.

Getting up once during the night to urinate may not be a big issue. But when you start to get up twice or thrice to urinate, then it needs to be immediately attended to.
Some of the possible causes for this condition include

1. Aging
2. Cardiomyopathy
3. Vascular disease
4. Bladder infection
5. Chronic renal failure
6. Restless leg syndrome
7. Urinary tract infection among others.

Consuming large quantities of alcohol and caffeine close to your bed time should be totally avoided. Some drugs might also cause urination during night times. While discussing the symptoms with your care provider, you have to provide complete information regarding your consumption pattern just before going to bed.


This bladder abnormality is caused by the presence of red blood cells in Urine. Some of the main reasons for the occurrence of this condition include

1. Kidney cancer
2. Bladder cancer
3. Prostate cancer
4. Kidney injury
5. Enlarged prostate
6. Urinary tract infections.
7. Kidney and bladder stones


Overactive bladder is another one of the bladder disorders that causes Incontinence, which actually results in frequent urination through out a day. This is usually caused by bladder muscle contractions that are difficult to predict.

These contractions might be the result of the person having some nervous disorders. The different nerve related disorders that could cause incontinence include

1. Strokes
2. Enlarged prostate
3. Multiple sclerosis
4. Bladder cancer
5. Bladder stone
6. Parkinson’s disease

One another important factor regarding incontinence is that it is more prevalent among older people. But this is not an ideal condition to have when you start aging and should be treated as soon as possible.

There are different forms of treatments available for treating incontinence. This includes consuming antibiotics that would heal the bladder infections, retraining and surgery. Sometimes a combination of two treatment options might be prescribed based on the effectiveness of healing.

In addition to the treatment procedures, you also need to have timely fluid intake, increase fiber intake, schedule toileting and loose extra weight to control incontinence.

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