Weak Bladder In Women

A Variety Of Solutions For A Weak Bladder In Women

Until one experiences it themselves, it’s impossible to understand the anguish a weak bladder in women can cause. If you have not been there you cannot begin to imagine what weak bladder women go through.

It affects virtually every aspect of a woman’s life and affects self esteem amongst other serious issues. This weakness of the bladder (when it fails to hold urine) is known as incontinence.

The reassuring thing you need to know is that millions of people suffer from bladder control issues. But this does not mean that you should resign yourself to it. Or accept that the only solution is to wear diapers or pads.

Weak bladder in women

Woman experiencing pain from weak bladder

If you have this attitude then you need to know that you are doing yourself a disservice because the truth is that there are medications and plenty of other solutions that can completely get rid of this problem for you, providing your condition is not of the more serious nature.

Your physician will be able to help with the proper direction to take with treatment.

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But before we even look at the possible treatments we need to know exactly what causes a weak bladder in women. Actually there are many reasons why somebody can end up with incontinence problems.

Sometimes these bladder problems may be caused by an illness. If the illness can be diagnosed and treated then you may find that your weak bladder issues disappear. For instance it is quite common for most women to get bladder infections. This condition will almost always cause incontinence. Other causes could be arthritis or a blocked urinary.

So how can you tell if the problem has been caused by disease or just a weak bladder? The wisest thing to do is to see your doctor and have various tests done to rule out possible infections and illnesses. However if you have had the problem for a long time in all likelihood the culprit is indeed a weak bladder.

The thing about a weak bladder in women and incontinence is that it can cause so many other problems in the body and in the life of woman. For instance the urine could lead to sores, rashes, sexual problems and so on.

This is all the more reason why anybody suffering from this condition should make a concerted effort to find a permanent solution to the problem. Actually with the help of medication and a wide range of other remedies it is possible to completely cure the condition or at the very least reduce it dramatically.

Examples of medications that have been known to be effective in the fight against a weak bladder in women are Detrol and Ditropan.

An example of a non-medicinal remedy is a throw away patch which is placed on the urinary opening of a woman to hold any leakage of urine.

There are even some completely natural remedies that have been proven to be fairly effective. One such technique is known as bladder training. Here you make the effort to train yourself to urinate at certain times.

For instance after every 2 hours. The way it works is that as you get used to holding urine for a specified period, the duration is constantly increased so that you can hold your urine for longer and longer periods of time.

When using this natural treatment you are usually advised to avoid drinks that contain caffeine. This includes coffee, most teas and soda.

A weak bladder in women can also be controlled by exercising the muscles around the bladder. The way to do this is to tighten the muscles for a few seconds and then relax. You then increase the duration of tightening as well as the number of repetitions as you proceed.

This has proved to be very effective in helping many women rid themselves of this embarrassing problem.

Can bladder problems caused by aging be treated?

In many cases a weak bladder in women and associated problems will emerge with age. The widely held belief is that nothing can be done in this situation. This is not true. There are many treatments that have proved to be effective in older women and in many cases have completely cured the problem. Where medicine, exercise and diet have failed, surgical solutions have worked out pretty well.

But even before a woman ends up with this problem there are two things that you can do to prevent it even as you age.

Firstly, excess weight in women often causes the displacement of internal organs in the body which ends up putting pressure on the bladder and this causes it to be weak. By losing weight this pressure reduces and the result can be instant healing.

The second preventive measure that you can take is to regularly use kegel exercises. These exercises target the exact muscles that cause incontinence. These exercises also do a great job in keeping the internal organs in their places and treating a weak bladder in women.

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    we have been married nearly 57 years. normal sex on regular basis is long passed , we care for each other and we love each other but we have been told that regular orgasm will help female bladder control. any truth?

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