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Finding solutions to the causes of bladder pressure

bladder pressure

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If you have bladder control issues, you may be desperate to find the cause and a solution to the problem. Bladder pressure is one bladder control issue which makes many people feel like there is abdominal pressure leading to the need to urinate suddenly and urgently.

It can also lead to pain, burning, or pressure during urination. It can interrupt daily activities, and often make traveling or engaging in activities outside the home next to impossible.

Most causes of bladder pressure are usually minor, however, and can be managed simply with very little medical intervention. Other causes, however, are more serious. For this reason, if you are experiencing bladder pain or pressure it is important to be seen by a doctor to determine the cause as well as the best form of treatment.

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One of the most common causes of bladder pressure is cystitis. Cystitis is a bacterial infection which causes inflammation in the urinary tract and bladder and can lead to kidney infections.

It can be caused from a variety of issues, from using certain soaps in the bath to different types of feminine deodorant sprays, spermicides, or other lubricants. Cystitis can also be caused from not drinking enough water, and not emptying the bladder completely, which allows bacteria to grow and multiply.

Treatment is usually a course of antibiotics, as well as discontinuing use of offending products. Staying hydrated and urinating more frequently helps to flush out the urinary tract of bacteria as well, helping to prevent future occurrences of cystitis.

In men, an enlarged prostate can cause bladder pressure. An enlarged prostate can happen for a variety of reasons as well. It can be due to a bacterial infection, or sometimes has no known cause.

This condition, known as prostatitis, is also treated with antibiotics to rid the body of the infection. Once the inflammation of the prostate subsides, symptoms of pressure on the bladder will also subside leaving patients far more comfortable.

In women, uterine fibroids have also been known to cause pressure on the bladder. These fibroids are tumors within the uterus which are usually benign. These fibroids can, at times, become quite large and put pressure on the bladder, giving women the feeling of needing to urinate frequently or urgently.

There are a variety of treatments for uterine fibroids, including surgical removal or hormone therapy to shrink existing fibroids if they become troublesome.

A more serious cause of bladder pressure is ovarian cancer or uterine cancer. When this is causing bladder pressure, it is because cells in the uterus or ovaries are multiplying rapidly and growing abnormally.

They create masses which are malignant and put pressure on the bladder. Ovarian or uterine cancer is usually diagnosed via a physical examination and ultrasound, and treatment will vary depending on the type of cancer, how advanced it is, as well as the age of the patient.

Bladder pressure is a common complaint of women during pregnancy. As the baby and uterus grows, it can put intense pressure on the bladder often leading to incontinence. It also leads to frequent and urgent need to urinate, as well as feeling the need to urinate even when the bladder is completely empty.

For most women, this doesn’t happen until the final trimester of pregnancy, but at times the baby and placenta are positioned in such a manner that the feeling of pressure begins early in pregnancy and doesn’t dissipate until after delivery.

The only treatment for this type of pressure on the bladder is to await delivery of the baby to relieve the added internal bladder pressure.

Feeling pressure in the bladder is exceptionally uncomfortable. It can keep people from doing the things they love every day, worrying they won’t be able to find a restroom or having to visit the restroom extremely frequently.

If you are suffering from a feeling of pressure in the bladder, it is best to visit your doctor to determine the cause and begin treatment. While in most cases bladder pressure is fairly innocuous and easily treated, there are more serious causes of the discomfort associated with bladder pressure which should be checked out and ruled out. In most cases, a simple course of antibiotics will get you on your way and feeling much better in no time.

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