Basic Tips To Getting Bladder Infection Help

9 Tips To Help Rid Yourself Of Bladder Problems

bladder infectionBladder infections are relatively common, especially in women. They are also relatively painful until the antibiotic your doctor prescribes begins working and the symptoms gradually disappear.

Rather than relying solely on these antibiotics, why not step up your game and do what you can to help your bladder infection rather than suffer in pain for the next three or four days? Yes, there are things you can do to help rid your body of this, or the very least, relieve the symptoms.

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1. Finish Taking All Your Antibiotics

This may seem like a given, but you would be surprised how many people stop taking their prescription before the seven or 10 days is up. If you want to help your bladder infection, you *must* finish your bottle of medication, even if you are feeling better. Just because the pain is gone does not mean the infection is. Any bacteria left behind is breeding ground for another infection to begin.

2. Wear Loose Fitting Jeans

This is especially true for women, and is recommended by Andrew Weil, M.D. Any type of tight pants, especially jeans, will push the bacteria further up into your urethrea. Not only does this prolong the life of your bladder infection, it also irritates your bladder, increasing the pain you experience.

3. Watch How You Wipe

Ladies, this one is especially important for you as well. Your anus is particularly close to your vaginal area, and contains all the bacteria necessary for a bladder infection. If you are in middle of treating a bladder infection, you must make sure you wipe front to back, although you should do this at all times anyway. Wiping back to front only transports new bacteria into your vaginal area, and decimates all the work of the antibiotics. You can also rest assured that you are facing chronic bladder infections.

4. Flush Your Body

If you want to help your bladder infection, flush your body of the bacteria causing it by drinking a minimum of eight 8-ounce glasses of water each day. Yes, the antibiotics are doing their best to destroy the bacteria, but drinking water will flush it from your body. You want to do everything you can to ensure your infection is gone for good.

5. Take a Shower

Oh how relaxing hot baths are, but they are also breeding grounds for infections. Stop for a moment and think about this. You are sitting in your own dirt and grime when you bathe. This in turn travels to the most sensitive part of your body. This is even worse when trying to battle an existing bladder infection. To keep bacteria at bay, opt for a shower. Addtionally, use a wash cloth that has not been used previously by another, and use fresh towels to dry with.

6. Use Good Hygiene Before and After Sexual Intercourse

Sexual intercourse plays a major role in the development of bladder infections. You want to cleanse your vaginal area both before and after intercourse, however, after is the most important. The first thing you must do is urinate. This will force any bacteria from your encounter out of your urethra. Then wash your vaginal area, again, front to back, with a mild soap. This will help in your fight against your bladder infection.

7. Cranberry Juice

Drinking unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate mixed with water is more than an ol wives’ tale. It truly does wonders when battling a bladder infection. Cranberries contain a tannin that helps prevent bacteria from adhering to the walls of your bladder, according to Dr.Weil. So while your antibiotic is fighting the infection, the cranberry juice is making sure no bacteria is sticking around to cause you grief down the road.

8. Eat Some Pineapple

Pineapple contains what is known as bromelain. This ingredient has anti-inflammatory properties that help relieve the painful symptoms bladder infections cause.

9. Increase Your Intake of Vitamin C

You can either take a supplement containing vitamin C, or you can just consume one of the many delicious foods it is found in, such as oranges. What this wonder vitamin does is increase the acidity of your urine to reduce the growth of bacteria. If you want to help rid your body of your bladder infection, this is a perfect way to do it.

You can do more than you think to help your body along when a bladder infection strikes. You simply need to follow these tips and before you know it, you will be both bacteria and pain free.

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