Suggestions For Naturally Treating Bladder Infection

natural treatment for bladder infection

Popular Natural Treatment

This report will talk about natural treatment for bladder sickness. Organic treatments have been used for centuries to treat loads of ailments and they are starting to become all the rage once more for countless reasons.

Bladder infections, also known as Urinary Tract Infections or UTIs, are the second most known reason folks frequent their physician. Although anyone can get a bladder infection they are much more universal in women. Many women will acquire a bladder infection at some stage in pregnancy through the changes in their hormones.

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Sickness and infection relating to the bladder are exceptionally frequent and that is why so many folks are looking to apply biological treatments as opposed to using prescribed drugs, to treat bladder infections.

Natural Treatment Choices for Bladder Infections

Baking Soda

Baking soda is a powerful natural treatment for bladder sickness and it is unsophisticated to use. All you need to do is add a single teaspoon of baking soda to 8 ounces of water. Down this two to three times daily and it should improve your infection.


Blueberries are a tasty method to take care of a bladder infection. Blueberries have a pure ingredient that inhibits the progress of microbes. Studies have shown that those that devour blueberries are less likely to ever develop a bladder infection. All you need to do is eat blueberries in your preferred method, you can add them over your morning cereal, eat them with milk, or by themselves.

Cranberry Juice

Cranberries derive from the same plant family as blueberries, and have equal germ-inhibiting ingredient making them advantageous for treating a bladder sickness also.

We mentioned previously that cranberries derive from the same species as blueberries. That is why drinking cranberry juice is an additional great natural treatment for bladder infection. Drinking cranberry juice will not merely help heal a bladder infection, those that consume the drink on a consistent basis are less likely to ever have an infection.

Cranberry juice is so potent that you just have to drink 4 ounces of juice daily to maintain your body clear of bladder infections. Cranberry juice also has a good antibiotic effect. If you are prone to bladder infections, or are currently treating one then drink two to four filled glasses of juice daily while the infection clears up.


Pineapples are inclusive of Bromelain which is an enzyme that can help clear up a bladder infection. Munch a cup of pineapple daily and it can help rid your body of the infection.


There is a good reason why we are told to drink eight glasses of water each day. Water is important for a wholesome body. By drinking 64 ounces of water daily you will urinate more frequently, this will curb microbes from building up in your bladder. If you are at present fighting a bladder infection drink as much h2o as possible. The repeated urination will flush the bacteria out of your bladder.

Vitamin C

We have all been told about the cold fighting merits of vitamin C, it can also help to battle bladder infections. Vitamin C will acidify you urine which helps your bladder remain healthy, which successively keeps it rid of the microbes that can initiate a bladder infection. Countless doctors are impressing upon their patients to take 5,000 mg or more of vitamin C.

The beneficial news is you do not have to devour that many oranges, you can only have one of the numerous vitamin C supplements that are offered on the market.

More Valuable Hints

There are additional things you can do to help to ensure you do not get a bladder infection in the first place. When you experience the urge to urinate use the bathroom when possible. If you hold your urine it can produce a back-up of bacteria.

Dress in cotton underwear, they will keep you fresher and dryer, men should take into account wearing boxer shorts. When fighting a bladder sickness quit drinking alcohol as this will irritate your bladder. Stay away from caffeine also for the same reason.

A lot of folks have had considerable success via the methods above as a natural treatment for bladder infection.


If not treated accurately bladder infections can precipitate more grave circumstances. If you take advantage of any of the alternatives above as a natural treatment for bladder infection, and the symptoms do not clear-up in a few days go pay a visit to your physician.

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