Curing Bladder Infection Naturally

Herbs can play an important roll in the cure for bladder infection

Herbs for bladder infection treatment

Herbs can be a great way to combat bladder infection

Many people seek out natural bladder infection cures as a result of experiencing this urinary condition at least once in their lives.

However, for some it will be a recurring problem. Women are affected by bladder infections more than men. Bladder infections, also known as urinary tract infections occur as a result of bacteria being present in the urinary tract also known as the urethra.

These infections are not life threatening but they can cause uncomfortable and unpleasant symptoms. However, if a bladder infection is left untreated then it may spread to the kidneys.

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Antibiotics are used to treat urinary tract infections but there are natural bladder infection cures that work just as well. One of the approaches to a cure is to drink cranberry juice or take cranberry tablets. They both work in the same way.

Cranberry works by preventing existing bacteria in the urinary tract from clinging to the walls so that it is flushed away. It also prevents additional bacteria from forming and multiplying. Red grape juice also works as well as cranberry juice and will work in the same way so that your chances of an infection are greatly reduced, if not eliminated.

Blueberries are also a good choice to aid in the cure and prevention of urinary infections.

Drinking plenty of water helps to flush out bacteria from your urethra. For women who experience bladder infections after sexual intercourse it is recommended that you urinate before and after sex so that you flush out any bacteria present in the urethra.

Water is a natural infection cure as it will help keep your urinary tract clear of bacteria.

Natural herbs such as Uva Ursi are used as effective natural bladder infection cures. This is because the herb contains components that act as antibiotics, anti inflammatory and antiseptics which help reverse infections.

St.John’s wort is also used as a natural urinary cure. Other herbs that are used effectively as natural bladder infection cures are Echinacea which helps to strengthen your immune system and also acts as an antibiotic.

Dandelion is a diuretic which helps your body to flush bacteria much easier and couch grass which will cleanse the urethra of all bacteria and will provide relief from the burning sensation when urinating.

More herbal and natural cures that you can use for bladder infections are:

– Lemon balm
– Goldenseal
– Olive Leaf which has antibacterial properties so that it will kill bacteria present in the urethra
– Horsetail which is a diuretic and will flush out bacteria from your urinary tract
– Agrimony

It is recommended that you take these herbal natural treatments only after you have consulted your doctor as some, such as St.John’s wort, can interfere with the effectiveness of other medications. You should also take them at the recommended dosage so that you do not suffer side effects. Do not assume that because they are natural cures that they cannot be abused.

Vitamins help with curing bladder infections. You should strive to take the vitamins n fruit form and take supplements. Vitamin supplements will help to clear the bacteria from your urethra and it will strengthen the walls of the urethra so that you are not prone to bacterial infections.

This is because the bacteria will not be able to stick on the walls which are what cause the infections to keep recurring. Take vitamin C and vitamin A supplements. Others to take are magnesium citrate supplements which will eliminate bacteria from the urinary tract and bioflavonoids for the prevention of a recurring infection. Another supplement that you can take that will boost your immune system is zinc.

If you are prone to bladder infections or have a serious infection, it is recommended that you see a doctor. It’s important that you do not treat the symptoms only. If the infection becomes worse it may spread to the kidneys.

Ensure that if you are making these natural cures at home that you make the right recipe for the right effect. One of the more basic natural bladder infection cures is to simply wear cotton underwear when it is hot so that your skin can breathe better. Also avoid foods and drinks that trigger bladder infections.

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