Bladder Health

Bladder Health and Bladder Control Issues

Bladder Health is an important issue that affects not only your well being but your dignity and self esteem as well. Urinary incontinence can be embarrassing and will cause some people to isolate themselves for fear of having an “accident” in the presence of others.

Most people take bladder health for granted. That is until they experience incontinence or other problems such as painful infections.

bladder health

Diagram of bladder

The bladder is an organ that is hollow and its function is to collect and excrete urine. It is located in the lower abdomen and there are various problems that can develop when the bladder is not healthy.

The bladder is one of the most important organs in the body. Its job is to clear toxins out of the body. If it is an unhealthy organ that is prone to bacterial infections in could also become cancerous.

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Bladder cancer is of grave concern. It is the 6th most common cancer in the United States. The risk factors of this disease are as follows.

Age: the older you are the higher the risk of bladder cancer.

Chronic bladder inflammation: This can be caused by frequent urinary tract infections, bladder stones and bladder infections.

Gender: Men are more likely to develop bladder cancer then women are.

Smoking: This may be the single biggest risk factor. Smokers are twice as likely to develop bladder cancer then non-smokers.

Weakening of the pelvic muscles: A prolapsed bladder is a condition where the bladder drops low and can cause pain, difficulty urinating, and leakage or incontinence. This condition will also increase the risk of bladder infection. Prolapsed bladder doesn’t heal its self and medical treatment is needed for this condition.

Bladder stones are, at times, an uncomfortable condition. These stones are caused by high protein diet with animal fats. Foods containing a high content of Oxalates are also a factor.

Bladder health may be compromised if you are experiencing sudden A urge to urinate or urinary incontinence. If you are having a problem with urinary retention this is also an indication that there is a problem.

If your urine has a very strong order it may be a sign that you have and infection of the urinary tract and bladder. The type of treatment you need is something that you will want to discuss with your doctor.

Pelvic floor exercises may be the solution to stress incontinence if it is caused by weakening muscles. Limiting caffeine may be helpful or your doctor may decide to prescribe one of several medications that help relax the bladder.

If these and other methods are not solving the problem, your health care provider may ask you to consider a surgical solution.

Bladder health can be maintained or even improved by practicing good hygiene. Most infections of the urinary tract and bladder are bacterial infections which can be avoided with proper hygiene.

Drink an adequate amount of water each day to keep your urine from becoming to heavily concentrated. The darker your urine is the more you concentrated it is.

Remember that a well balanced diet and adequate exercise is as important to your bladder health as it is to the health of the rest of your body. Make it a point to eat healthy and get out and take a walk every day or at least get on the treadmill.

Now that you know some of the more frequent causes of bladder control issues you will be better able to deal with the problem. In the mean time, there are many products that are available to help deal with the problem of incontinence.

You do not have live your life in solitude for fear of an embarrassing occurrence of bladder leakage or incontinence. With the availability of discrete adult incontinence products, you can live a fuller more acceptable quality of life.

There is no need to worry about whether or not you will be brought to shame by your bladder betraying you at the most inconvenient times. There are adult diapers and briefs that are very effective in containing any leakage and incontinence.

There are also odor control products so you won’t have to worry about any unpleasant smells. There is no reason why you can’t lead an active social life in spite of bladder problems.

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    • Maria on January 18, 2015 at 4:52 pm

    For cystitis there are a few over the cetnuor medicines,ask your local pharmacist,Urinary infection is a serious condition and you need to see your doctor soon, if the infection spread can cause damage to your kidneys and poison your blood.

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