Does Flotrol Really Work?

Flotrol Bladder Control Supplement

What Is It?

It is a nutritional supplement prepared with herbal ingredients that interact to reinforce the bladder. The formula works to strengthen the walls of the bladder enabling it to contract and relax for normal urination. It also helps improve urinary tract health. The product is designed to remedy an overactive bladder to put a stop to slight leakage and incontinence. It can be utilized by both men and women.
About the Manufacturer

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The company behind Flotrol was established in 2002 and is a proud member of the Natural Products Association. They are dedicated to providing effective and safe products for distinctive health and wellness purposes. Although the brand name is little well-known, they provide quality nutritional formulas that have undergone thorough clinical analysis for safety and effectiveness.

What It Claims?

  • It is an all-natural product.
  • Bladder support formula formulated especially for mature adults.
  • The formula only uses clinically proven effective and safe ingredients.

What Are the Potent Ingredients?

The two working ingredients of Flotrol are soybean germ extract and pumpkin seed extract. These natural ingredients have been used for hundreds of years in conventional treatment to increase bladder function. Pumpkin seeds are clinically proven to help in reducing the unintended contractions of the bladder effectively preventing involuntary leakage. Soybean germ extract helps increase estrogen levels which strengthens the muscles of the bladder improving the stream of urine and alleviating urination related pain.

In a clinical analysis, participants were given a mixture of pumpkin seed and soybean germ extract. Measurements were taken for urination frequency equally during daytime and night time together with any emergency episodes. The study discovered marked improvement in urinary tract health and general quality of life of the participants following 1 week of use with continued improvement on the subsequent weeks.

How It Works?

Flotrol basically works by strengthening the muscles of the bladder (bladder walls). It also helps improve urinary tract health. It can also help improve prostate health in men.

Suggested Dosage

Consume 5 tablets a day with meals for 2 weeks then quantity can be decreased to 3 tablets a day starting on the 3rd week for maintenance.


  • The formula is clinically proven to be successful.
  • It is an all-natural formulation without known side effects.
  • There is a lot of favorable feedback on the product.
  • It strengthens the bladder and improves urinary tract health.


  • There is no free trial offer.
  • No money back warranty is offered on the product.
  • It can only be ordered online.

Is This Natural Bladder Control Truly Effective?

The potent blend of soybean germ extract and pumpkin seed extract is clinically proven to be effective in improving bladder control. There are also a great deal of favorable reviews from individuals who have tried Flotrol expressing that it really works.

Is It Safe?

The formulation is all-natural minimizing the chance of side effect. Also, both of the working ingredients have been used for a long time in traditional medicine with no established serious side effects. The only potential side effect is an allergic reaction due to soybean or pumpkin seed allergy.

Expert Observation

Due to the clinical evidence proving that the effective ingredients and the genuine product works, this is a bladder control formula worth trying. The positive feedback from users is testimony to the proof that this is an effective bladder control formula. It is also a suggested alternative to bladder control medication because it is entirely safe.

Feedback from Consumers

“I did some Google research and found this product and decided to try it. It is pumpkin seeds. I don’t how it works on my system but it works. So much for throwing out those seeds come Halloween time. The suggested dose is 5 per day and then drop to 3 a day. I am doing that and have good results.But I also am looking around to see if somebody around where I live has them in their stores.But YES I do recommend them.”
– Gary Crane

“I highly recommend this bladder control formula. I have been using it for my urinary incontinence for a few months already and it really works. I love how it is all-natural and doesn’t cause side effects unlike the medication I used to take.”
– Melissa Watson

Bottom Line

In general, Flotrol is an impressive Natural Bladder Control Formula since it is clinically proven to be effective and safe. This is certainly a product worth trying whether you want to remedy urinary incontinence, an overactive bladder or simply improve bladder and urinary tract health.

Where to Find It?

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