Adult Diapers

What are Adult Diapers and Why are they Useful?

The problem of incontinence has become quite common in American citizens. Almost twenty million Americans suffer from incontinence as a result of which they are not able to control their bladder and bowel.

Both men and women can suffer from this problem. Both the personal and social life of people is affected since this problem causes a lot distress and embarrassment. Fortunately, people suffering from incontinence can now hide their embarrassing condition while in public by wearing an incontinence product like adult diapers.

What are adult diapers?

Adult diapers are diapers that are that are specially designed to be worn by aged adults and people suffering from incontinence. These diapers are anatomically designed so they can be conveniently worn without any hassle.

The diaper simply has to be opened, wrapped around the groin region, and the sides are secured with a hook-and-loop system or with tabs. Since these diapers are designed to have a unique fit, they conform to the body of the wearer and fit snug on them.

A greater leakage protection is offered by these diapers because of this snug fit. Many high-end adult diapers even have built-in leg gathers/leakage barriers, which enhance their leakage protection.

Even the heaviest of voids can be contained by these leakage barriers. So, fluids are evenly and quickly wicked away by the super absorbent top layer of these diapers into the core that locks the fluids and prevents them from leaking.

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Why are adult diapers useful?


Out of all other urinary incontinence products, these diapers allow people to deal with the problem of incontinence quite conveniently and discreetly. Typically, there are two varieties of adult diapers, the disposable and the reusable type, which is made of cotton.

Both the disposable and reusable types have their pros and cons. The reusable diapers are generally meant to be used by those with heavier urinary leakage. The disposable diapers are cheaper and are meant for one-time use only. Both disposable and reusable adult diapers come in a variety of fabrics, shapes and sizes.

The ones made of cotton offer better air circulation. This way, moisture in the groin region is evaporated and heat that builds up in the area is able to escape. Rashes in the and around the groin are also prevented this way.

Salk Sani-Pant Plasticized Pull-On Brief, Medium, Sold By Eachadult diapers


While disposable diapers are cheaper, but even the ones made of cloth prove to be an economical option since they can be washed and reused. People suffering from severe incontinence will get more leakage protection from the cloth diapers.

Even though the disposable types can be easily worn and are more convenient, but they are not ideal for people with heavy bladder leakage. However, unlike cloth diapers, disposable diapers are made of waterproof material, which prevents fluids from leaking out.

Wearing plastic cover-up pants can become necessary for those wearing cloth diapers since fluids can seep through the diaper. Some of these diapers even offer greater absorbency because they come with diaper doublers or reusable diaper soakers.


It is already apparent that adult diapers offer a hygienic solution to the incontinence problem. The frequent contact of urine with the skin can cause rashes in the groin region. Thus, adult diapers also prevent rashes by immediately absorbing the urine that is involuntarily passed out by people with incontinence.

This way, the urine does not come in contact with the skin and skin rashes are prevented this way. Many of these diapers even have an odor control feature, which prevents the accumulated urine from emitting a nasty odor. These diapers reduce the odor of urine and emit a fragrant scent to cover up the smell.

Due to the increasing number of people suffering from incontinence, the demand for adult diapers has significantly risen. These days, a much advanced and better variety of these diapers is being introduced by various manufacturers.

Although most of the diapers that are available are secured with hooks, pins or tabs. The latest adult diapers have an elastic band that allows them to offer a more snug fit.

Even though these diapers are convenient, easy to wear and hygienic, rashes are a common problem that people suffering from incontinence have to face. Even when wearing an adult diaper, changing the diaper regularly is necessary in order to prevent skin rashes.

Overall, adult diapers are one of the idea incontinence products, which are available to people suffering from this condition.

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